The Maker Library

Robots, 3D Printers, Laser Cutters, CNC Mills/Lathes, Product Design, Networking, Servers, Raspberry Pi -- just a few of the things I work on/with. Even this site is kind of built on a whim. Who knows where it will go? Will it turn into a blog? A thing-repo? We'll see, depending on my free time.

Still deciding what I would like to use this domain for.
I may point it to a minecraft server.
I may point it to the projects I release.

I am a self taught network admin, 3d printer tech, novice programmer, electronics designer, product facilitator, and overall maker.

If you wish to contact me, my provider is gmail, and the name is thantik.

Honestly, I miss the days of simple websites instead of 10mb+ of javascript libraries you see today, and this site is a reflection of that. There are no back-end server calls, no tracking, no analytics. Just a single HTML file.

An example of a photo gallery with a lightbox.

You could also have text over here…

…or image captions
add a solid background

or go full bleed

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